Ghislaine Sathoud was born on April 8, 1969 in Pointe-Noire in Congo Brazzaville. She was impassioned about culture, and as she studied in her country to obtain her high school (Baccalaureate) diploma, she was also involved in theatre and writing activities. As a result she published a poetry collection entitled "Poèmes de ma jeunesse" and also various acting roles in the troop known as " Le Théâtre du Marigot ".
After she went on to obtain her university education in France and in Canada, where she currently lives. She holds a Master's degree in International Relations and also a Master's degree in Political Science.

She is a fervent human rights militant, and being is particularly interested in issues of this nature, she has never hesitated to confront the prejudices and stereotypical attitudes upon which these behaviors are modeled. She is involved in various campaigns targeting improvements in the status of woman. Her engagement in this struggle extends to the very core of her being.

Her interest in the status of women has led her to make violence her war horse. She has worked for Alliance des Communautés Culturelles pour l'Égalité dans la Santé et les Services Sociaux (ACCÉSSS), for the Comité Priorité Violence Conjugale and for le Cran des femmes. She wrote a play entitled Ici, ce n'est pas pareil chérie!!, a tool intended to increase awareness and prevent family violence problems in ethno-cultural communities. This play was evaluated and selected by the interdisciplinary Research Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la violence familiale et la violence faite aux femmes at the Uuniversité de Montréal (CRI-VIFF).

For the DVD launching, a conference was organized on September 13, 2006 under the theme Mieux comprendre pour mieux intervenir. Canadian government organizations such as the National Center for the Prevention of Crime, the Status of Women in Canada and Quebec's Ministry for Public Safety provided some of the support needed to hold this Conference.

Another of her plays Les maux du silence was selected to be presented during the World Walk for Women in 2000. She has also intervened to provide assistance to AIDS patients and worked for the city of Montréal, carrying out research on advisory authorities available at this governmental level.

Ghislaine Sathoud's has consistently produced literary works in poetry, theatre, tales, short stories, and also a novel and some essays.
Articles about her work have appeared in various magazines that specialize in this type of literature. Her poem "Paix sur la terre" appeared in the Anthologie Nouvelle Frontière 11ème published by Pearson Education Canada and is being included on the school syllabus in Ontario (Canada). She has also taken part in collective publications on immigration published in Argentina.

Vista Higher Learning, an American publisher specializing in foreign language methods entitled Imagine, and targeting universities in the United States and Canada, published her short story entitled "Le marché de l'espoir." This work was drawn from the site "Readings by African Women's Writing and Literature" in Australia.

Ghislaine Sathoud's has greatly involved in a number of social movements. She is a member of several associations and sits on various boards of directors.

The texts she has written are about strong, courageous women who are able to apply winning strategies, and that make it possible to break away from troublesome and catastrophic situations.

She uses very colorful speech to evoke the suffering caused by certain injustices that women have experienced, yet behind these stories are characters whose richness and tenacity enable take to take on any ordeal… and their resistance sometimes leads to rioting.
This committed writing becomes a song of HOPE.

In 2005 her daughter Jessica published a book entitled Mes confidences.

In 2008, she is one of laureates of Naji Naaman's Literary Prizes 2008 for her short stories Les trésors du terroir.